Freelance Graphic Designer or Design Agency?

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When deciding to outsource graphic design and marketing, one decision a business faces is whether to place that work with a design agency or a freelance graphic designer. As a freelancer myself, I might be slightly biased but here are some good points to consider for both sides.

Client working together with freelance graphic designer

Using a Freelance Graphic Designer

For: A freelance graphic designer can compete on price when compared to an agency, mainly because of lower overheads. Whilst an agency has larger premises and more staff, this comes with bills that need paying and that cost is then charged to the client. A freelancer on the other hand can run a business in a fairly lean manner, relying solely on some computer hardware and software and some basic IT needs. This saving in overhead can then be passed onto the client in lower project fees.

Using a freelance graphic designer often means you’re getting an expert, rather than a jack-of-all-trades. This in-depth knowledge means getting the best solution for your business. Another major benefit is a freelancer is in charge of their own schedule so can move projects around to suit the client’s needs and often can have a faster turnaround.

Against: While there are not many downsides to using a freelancer, there might be a few things to consider. Some freelancers may tend to advertise more skills than they actually have in an effort to find more work. This means instead of expert service, you’ll be getting a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’. Also, keep in mind if your freelancer isn’t reliable, you might find work on your projects is slow or stops altogether. Finding a graphic designer who has a proven track record is key.

Using a graphic design agency

For: When employing a design agency, you get the whole agency, whilst there are usually a few key people working on your project, there is a whole background of expertise if needed. This means projects can be passed from person to person and still have the desired result and be finished on time. Another upside is reputation – if you’re willing to pay, you can work with a top award-winning agency and have the prestige associated with that.

Against: One of the biggest downsides of a design agency is the cost involved. Having a number of staff and business premises means bills and costs that need to be covered by charging clients more than a freelancer needs to charge. Another drawback is not dealing with the graphic designer doing the project. Usually, a design agency will have processes meaning work could go through an Account Manager, Production Manager then to the Designer. This can mean work could be slow to turnaround and not have the fast turnaround of a freelance graphic designer. 

Why using me is a good graphic design option

While there is no right or wrong when deciding whether to use a design agency or a freelance graphic designer, it really is a decision based on the best fit for a client. My graphic design experience means I can offer the best of both. Having gained experience in a variety of environments, including advertising agencies, boutique design agencies and in-house positions as part of the marketing team, I can bring design agency expertise but with the benefits of a more responsive service at a lower cost to the client.

Although I specialise in print graphic design, by working and partnering with a team of other professionals I can offer extra services or recommendations if needed. A huge bonus is you get to speak to the graphic designer – that’s me – who is doing the project from start to finish. Also not having the constraints of an agency structure means I can be flexible with working hours to deliver your graphic design project on time.

By combining a freelance graphic design service with some of the advantages of a design agency, I can offer you a design service that can deliver the best design solution for your business.

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