5 tips for designing a pull-up banner stand

5 tips for designing a pull-up banner stand 2400 1200 HelloGriff | Graphic Design

Thinking of having a pull-up banner designed for your company? Exhibition graphics are a big and bold way to make an impact. Pull-up banners are a versatile and portable way to achieve this. But like most graphic design media, a pull-up or roll-up banner stand will only be good when designed the right way.

Here are 5 tips for designing a pull-up banner stand:

Keep the good stuff up high.

When thinking where to place your company logo and important information it is vital to have your main message at eye level or above, this can be your logo, main product image or main key message, place this at the top as this is the level where you will grab someone’s attention as they walk past your stand.

5 tips for designing a pull-up banner stand

Keep it simple.

When working with such a large area as a pull-up banner, it may be tempting to try and fill that space with as much information as possible. Doing this though would be an error and you might risk people not noticing your key message and end up walking straight past. The golden rule here is to Keep It Simple – a pull-up banner is not a magazine article so you shouldn’t expect people to stand there and read every word. Rather use this large medium to illustrate 2-3 key points that draw people over to talk to you, then you can go deeper and provide more value.

Image Quality.

If you downloaded an image from your website and expected to use it on your pull-up banner, then think again. Doing so would result in an image that will be very poor quality and also saved in RGB. Make sure any images you want to add to your banner and provide to your graphic designer are at least 300 dpi. One easy way around this is to use stock images, there is a range of stock sites out there, from the free to the premium models. Using a stock image can instantly add a high level of professionalism to your banner.


Make sure you are using colours that can create bold, contrasting designs. Colour is an easy way to create a pull-up banner that looks good from a distance – exactly what you want when you’re competing against other exhibition graphics. Avoid certain colour combinations that might make it harder to read any text or contact details.

Contacts details.

One detail people should be able to take away after seeing your pull-up banner is your contact details. A pull-up banner is NOT the place to be listing a company’s full mailing address and phone numbers, you want to keep it simple and brief and keep those details to a phone number, email address, web address and social media icons. But like most clean and simple graphic design, less is sometimes more.

5 tips for designing a pull up banner stand HelloGriff | Graphic Design

A pull-up banner or roll-up banner is a simple and cost-effective way to add a background to your exhibition space. Not only that they can also be used as a versatile background tool for meeting rooms, and reception areas and handy as a background for online meetings. The aim of these types of marketing materials is to grab attention and make it clear to potential customers who you are, what you do and how you can help them. Designing a pop-up banner may seem like a simple task, but getting the balance just right of being informative without being overwhelming can be tricky, which is why sometimes it is best to involve a professional graphic designer to help.

Thanks for reading these 5 tips for designing a pull-up banner stand. Do you need help with the design of your next pull-up banners? Why not check out some of the work I’ve produced from my clients here if you think I can help you also get in touch!