Five Free Fonts to Download for Punchy Layouts

Five Free Fonts to Download for Punchy Layouts 2560 1440 HelloGriff | Graphic Design

Are you looking for free fonts to download? With Adobe CC you can be big and be bold! When creating a layout that requires high contrast, sometimes you have to go big or go home! One of the best and easiest ways to create attention-grabbing layouts is to create contrast by using punchy font choices. If you’ve read my article about design principles, you’ll see that contrast is a key design element and using typefaces to create contrast can help your message really stand out and smack someone in the face (figuratively speaking).

If you’re an Adobe CC user, you have access to Adobe Fonts (formerly Typekit) as part of your subscription. This gives you access to an amazing selection of quality fonts that usually would have cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to purchase individually.

Here are some typefaces available on Adobe Fonts to help you create some strong, bold layouts (be warned, some of these are for the brave only)!


free fonts to download


lust adobe cc font HelloGriff | Graphic Design


muscle adobe cc font HelloGriff | Graphic Design


neplus adobe cc font HelloGriff | Graphic Design


mobley adobe cc font 1 HelloGriff | Graphic Design

As well as choosing the right font, many other factors are needed to make a layout stand out. If you’re struggling knowing where to start with your next marketing project, get in touch to see how I can help you. And while you’re here you might as well take a look at some previous client work to see if it’s your cup of tea (or coffee).